Thursday, July 19, 2007


To some this may be a sensitive post but it is one that is dear and near to my heart.

I came across the organization NILMDTS, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, several months ago, Feb. '07, 10 months after losing Aaron. I sooooo wish I could have been familiar with them before our loss. We lost Adam back in 2001 and with Cheryl and Sandy starting the organization after Cheryl lost her son Maddux in 2005, it was not an option at that time. If our hospitals in the area would have been more familiar with their services, I could have been a member sooner and could have benefited from their services. Let me say right now, this is a heart calling and these photographers do a BEAUTIFUL job. (I wish I could think of a word that means 'more than beautiful' because honestly 'beautiful' is an understatement, but right now I can't, I'm just anxious to share their work.)

I believe in my heart that there isn't anything more precious than photos to hold the memories of my boys. We have some truly gorgeous photos that we ourselves took but let me tell you, they are nothing like the ones I've seen the volunteer photographers produce. (and rightfully so considering all their training and our lack of :) I have carried an album of Adam in my purse for 6 years now and at any time can open it and share my oh-so-missed angel with anyone who might ask. As I said, ours are not professional photos but they're still heirlooms. I also have a poster scrapbooked and several individual pages printed with Aaron that I have shared with many as well.

These photographers donate their time to come to the hospitals and photograph the families as well as to edit them and put them on a cd with the appropriate musical background accompaniament. There is NO charge to the hospital and NO charge to the families. WOW!! What an offering of Love.

Please feel free to visit the NILMDTS website and learn more if you feel lead. If you don't find a photographer in your area and would be interested in helping get this started in your area, you may contact Sam Puc or Cheryl Haggard via email from the website or they just hired a fulltime Executive Director, Jessica Roe, whom you may contact also.

I am currently the parent volunteer for the Joplin area. I have learned that one of the most talented photographers in Joplin, Lagow Portrait Designs, Inc., has recently joined the volunteer list and I hope to meet with them within the next couple of weeks. I will be sending brochures and 'my story' informational letters out to other photographers in August to get more volunteers and hope to meet with both of the hospitals, too. I am excited about this work with this organization as I am needing a place to focus my mind. (I am still sewing which helps but this will bring opportunities to leave the house for meetings and such.)

I have place several links to different media sources that have shared the organization with the public. Please click and listen/watch these short takes they've done.

Thank you for reading and don't hesitate to leave a comment to this heartfelt post.

In Christ's Love,

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Jen said...

It is great you are getting involved in NILMDTS. I am a photographer volunteering for them here in East Tennessee, who also lost a child soon after it is close to my heart. This was not an organization in place like this when our Cristin was born in 99. Keep up the good work, so many families will benefit from this. (and thanks for the comment on my blog-I am glad I am not alone!