Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Granny, You're #1!!

Happy Birthday, to You,
Happy Birthday, to You,
Happy Birthday, dear Granny,
Happy Birthday, to Yeeeeeeeeoooooooooooo!

Granny's the big 98, yes that's right, I said 9-8........98! (Man of Mine didn't know what he was getting himself into as two of her sisters lived to see 100+. I'll betcha' I'll be around fer awhile!) Can you say, "Parrrrrrrrtyyyyy!"

Granny, who swore she'd never be called "Granny" and has been called "Granny" ever since the day she swore she'd never be called "Granny", lived off and on going back and forth from her home in Dodge City, KS, to my aunt's place in NE KS durning the winter for many years, before finally moving in full-time up there and staying for the past 5 or so years. This past year, she finally moved into an adult care facility, not quite a nursing home, but the nurse visits regularly, her room is right outside the kitchen, there's a patio out back, a huge fireplace in the entrance foyer, and etc...... We went to visit last weekend and had a really nice time. She was pooped and had her jammers on by 4:40. My aunt went into her room and asked her what she was doing with her pants off and she said she was going to bed. Aunt Linda said, "Mom, it's only twenty minutes til five." According to Granny, her day (body) was over (pooped). She'd had enough, I guess.

She has lost alot of her hearing so struggles trying to carry on a conversation, especially if there's alot of background noise. She used to make quilts, embroidered tea towels, crocheted towels, crocheted christmas ornaments, and crocheted doilies. However, she has the macular degeneration within her eyes so has lost most of her eyesight, too. We brought some of the things she had given us to share with her as well as her party guests. She did beautiful work. I took the first quilt she made me that was on my bed every winter. I took the quilt I received from her when I graduated high school. (never been used nor washed)Sunbonnet Sue

I took the quilt I was given when I got married. (never been used nor washed) Bowtie

Mom and Aunt Linda made a living tree with pics of her at different stages in her life, hanging some bows, doilies and ornaments on it. She blew out both candles. She then enjoyed the afternoon sharing with her guests.

I love, love, love, my Granny. I tried several times to sit and learn to crochet. I just don't have the patience. I have taken up the quilting and sewing, though. I remember her most for taking my sister and I camping and fishing with Granpa to the Ford County Lake. One night a storm moved in and we wound up backing up and driving back to town but still sleeping out in the camper in the driveway. They had one of those pickup bed camper tops.

We had some good family time, XOXO, WE LOVE YOU GRANNY!!

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kdwhorses said...

Happy 98th Birthday Granny!!! THat is so great you all had the family party. What a great trip down memory lane! My Nannie lived to be 96 years old and my Grandaddy 106 years old! Hope you all have a great and blessed weekend!