Friday, June 20, 2008

My 'baby' turned 6!

Well, it officially hit me this week. I knew the day was coming, but Wednesday, it finally sunk in, I guess.
Austin turned 6 on Wed. and I am so proud of him, but it does tug at my heart. He is attending summer school, which in our district is all 'just for fun' not for making up/catching up. He is so excited to FINALLY get to ride the bus. It helps that his summer driver is a very dear friend of mine and she has a daughter in Adi's class so he knows her very well. His teacher is the one who took my place after Aaron was born so he is in my old classroom, which he knew well from when I was there 3 school years ago. He is one of the oldest ones in the class, I purposely held him out knowing from experience that it is better.
However, my emotions are torn. In 12 years, I have never not had one of my kiddos home with me. Yes, I do daycare so I will still have 4 babes to care for, but not one is of my flesh and blood. This wouldn't bother me so much, I don't think, if I wasn't battling the infertility issue. If we would have conceived like we have in the past, I would have a babe in arms, even maybe a toddler. Does any of this make sense? No, it doesn't! I should be thankful for what I do have, I AM grateful for what I do have...........3 beautiful children!! But, my heart still yearns for one more.
Tuesday, he had a few friends over to play. They were so funny! They were so cute! After he opened his first gift, I said, "What do you tell Korbin for the present?" and he said, "Thank you Korbin!" Korbin replied, "You're so welcome, Austin." (He's a cousin who just turned 5 and will be in kindygarten with him next year.) Then, after opening Braden's gift, I said, "What do you tell Braden for the present?" and he said, "Thank you Braden!" Braden replied, "No problem." (He's a preschool friend who will just be turning 5 next month but his mama has decided to keep him out another year) The other little guy received his "Thank You!", and said, "You're welcome." (He is 3 weeks older than Austin and will be in kindygarten with him as well.)
How sweet is that! They were like sooooooo cool about it!
They played in the sprinkler with the water guns.
We had pizza....then we made homemade ice cream and had cupcakes. He just haaaad to call his Uncle Loulie and Grumpy (gpa) to come up for dessert. He made it clear that it was a 'boys only-NO girls allowed' party, but we'd send gma some ice cream back to her.
They played with the new toys, and so did Uncle Loulie and Grumpy.
They went down to the shop and played around the equipment, in and out of the backhoes and dozers.
I believe the afternoon/evening was a success. We got the boys home an hour later than we had planned.
Wednesday, all was well. He got to go to work with Dad! No better way to spend his big day!

It's so nice to live in a small town where everyone knows most everyone. I know all these families, their past generations and their backgrounds, and Joe went to school with the one's gpa and the one's dad. I just love the little town!
I love my little Austin more than life itself. Yeah, there are days when I threaten to send him to the moon, but I'm sure they'd tire of his wanting to play in the dirt all day long and would send him back. He is a special little guy who has healed ALOT of people's hearts, and he doesn't even know it. My good friend was going through some emotional issues when I had him and he was a special gift to her at the time of his birth. He certainly filled a void in my heart after just losing Adam. He has a great uncle who lost his son a year ago January to a massive heart attack, and Unc has just taken to him just as if he was his own. Unc often calls and asks how 'The Boy' is. I believe God has big plans for Austin. I will just continue to pray that Austin's heart will be open to hear Him.
I love my Bubs!!
(I hope you enjoy listening to some of his favorite songs!)


nathalie said...

ohh my what a wonderful house full of children!!!!!!! girlllllllllll you do have very pretty kids! sorry i'm so slow at writing. classes have sucked me in big time!

Rebekah said...

See, that's how I feel about birthdays with my oldest - maybe it is odd, but it's harder watching her grow up than my youngest, perhaps because she experiences everything first?