Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

We've been roller-skating, 4 wheeling, sewing, playing ball, working with calves, celebrating a birthday, playing more ball, etc...

Our 4-H club always has a party the last meeting of the year so we went to the skating rink. Of course the kiddos loved it. We don't ever go skating unless invited. I remember when I was little, mom would drop us off every Saturday morning and we were there until noon.
(I say we when reflecting back on my childhood because I have a twin sister and most always we did everything together.) We skated every week. Ahhhhhhh, those were the days.

The girls play softball on Monday nights and then, again, this weekend we were in a tournament. We finished 3rd place (out of 7 teams) in our first tournament a couple weeks ago and took 6th place (out of 11 teams) this weekend. We are improving in all areas except at bat. I know, I know, that's where it counts. We've come a LONG way and will continue to get better.
As we were still at the ballpark on Sunday, we got to talking about making bags for a fundraiser. Here's one I put together today. There are things I'd do differently, things I'd add, etc... so this one is mine. You can't see it perfectly but it has a baseball (softballs are a bright yellow/green with red stitches) print and chenille sides and bottom. It'll work for me and it makes me glad that I'm not in the totebag business. It wasn't as exciting as I'd thought it'd be to put together. But, it did turn out nice and 'cute' to the eye.

I heard Man of Mine pull in the drive late morning last week driving the dump truck. He informs me he has a load of wood shavings to use around the place. Later
that evening, in he comes with another load. So......they've been dug in, hauled around in the wagon, drove over, carried in the back door, but not yet 'used'. One day, my friends, one day. Here are the kids with Man of Mine on top of the pile.

The girls gave their calves their first bath and they did GREAT!! I will be giving them another one this week as the girls are now at 4-H camp for the next 3 days. I was surprised at how well the calves took it. We did find that we needed to treat for 'buggies' but that's an easy fix. We had a fun afternoon together however, we all 3 were sunburned.

Yes, my baby boy turned 5 this past week. He celebrated at the ballpark with the girls' ballteam and loved his gifts of a dodgeram pickup hauling a horse trailer with 3 horses, a card game, a set of walkie talkies, and a handheld radio. He could go to Kindygarden, but with Mama being a former Kindy/1st grade teacher, I chose to keep him out a year. He'll do 1/2 day preschool 5 days/wk next year and then go to regular school the following year. I can't imagine having him in my class as young as he is. Man of Mine thinks it's just because I've spoiled him but he is just a babe. He's a cute little babe, too if I do say so myself.

I apologize for the multiple subject post but thought I'd catch you all up and be better staying on top of things with more scheduled posts. I'll try.

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