Sunday, May 11, 2008


From one mama to another, with love!

You can check out all the listings from some of the TOP designers in the boutique community here or by clicking on the banners above. You can read about her family here.

Here's my listing!

I've always said that with me, at my age, already burying two babes, if something ever happened to Man-of-Mine, you might as well check me in. Call ahead to the looney bin, make my reservation, whatever........I'll be a gonner!! I pray daily thanking God for him and always end our morning ritual with, "Be Careful!" I just can't fathom the amount of shock, grief, loss Michele is feeling. Please say an extra prayer for her and her 3 children.


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randi said...

I think it is so neat how everyone came together to help this woman and her family. It goes to show that blogs/etsy/ebay'ers are pretty cool people!