Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our night at the 'Memory Place'

It is hard for me, a mom who has buried two babies there, to call such a special place a 'cemetery'. It is thought of as a place for the dead (another word that I have grown to despise hearing) but I know in my heart that my boys are not 'there'. As I explained to the kids, yes, their bodies are there, but their soul and brand new healthy body are alive and well up in heaven just waiting for us to meet them up there someday. AMEN!! Just another reason for me to strive to make heaven my ultimate eternal home.

Anyhoo, before I got sidetracked, we don't refer to 'the place' like others do, but we call it the 'Memory Place'. We visit often and Man-of-Mine has alotta family there, too. Honestly, my kids love going there. It's up on a slight hill, out in the middle of the country, just to the east of a small pond and is such a relaxing place. The night we had Aaron's graveside service, we had a gorgeous backdrop---a sunset like never before. The only one I can compare it to is back years ago when my Aunt Chris was buried out in Western Kansas.

We took balloons. Each kiddo wrote their own little message for Aaron on the back of their balloon.

For Easter, the 'bunny' left baskets filled with wiffle balls and a bat. Man-of-Mine and the kids enjoyed the gifts on Aaron's birthday.

After dark we made our way home and had cake. (What a great way to end a not-so-great day!)

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