Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little Busy...........

I am really staying busy, but I'm disappointed that I just can't do it all!

There are several things on my plate right now, and once the girls' activities start up, they'll be added to the top of the list. Please know that I am not complaining about having too many things to do, I am just sad that I can't add the other 4/5 things that I'd really luuuuuuuv to do, to the list. I love being able to keep my mind occupied, not dwelling on personal issues. Let me share:

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST~~My kiddos have started back up in school and so have their activities. Adi is playing junior high volleyball and is cheering, too. That will keep her busy, but I know she will love it and excel in all that she does. Audra will be starting volleyball. She was reluctant to sign up because she said it is boring. She is the type that needs to be moving-every minute! Her favorite sport is basketball and lemme' tell ya', she's gonna be good! She may be little, but she is quick!! Austin started kindygarden as so far has not thrown a fit about going. His best buddy is in his class so I think that plays a major role! He won't get to do any sports during the school year, but will do baseball this summer.

  • Shepherd On The Hill Daycare~~I have the perfect job!!! I do childcare in my home for teacher friends. This way, I still have my summers off!! Smart, eh? Well, let me say that last year I thought I had the perfect group of wee-wonders, but........this year, considering a 100% turnover, I am truly blessed in that this new collection will give the previous group a run for their money. I would love to share pics of them, but I don't think mamas and dadas would appreciate that! Great kiddos come from great parents!! I just can't say enough about how great the kiddos are and how much I connect with the parents!! What a true blessing from God!!

  • Adam' Harvest~~I still do my 'thing' in the designing/creating community with Adam's Harvest. I have a two day show, Children's Miracle Network's Miracle Market, next Friday and Saturday at the mall. I have asked Nathalie and Rachael to join in and so we will be sharing a booth space for tutus and bows!! I am sooooooooo excited about this, I just can't hardly stand it. I love the craft fair environment!! Meeting new people, chit chatting, seeing the older ladies look at and figure out that my things are made from the vintage chenilles and pillowcases and tablecloths, and sheets, and table runners, etc..... it's priceless! I did a show at a different mall 4 years ago and had a really good outcome, so I'm especially psyched! We will do another one for CMN again in mid-November. I also sell on and just a tad on ebay. It's so hard for me to build up a large inventory if I sell on these sites, but I like having an online shop to share with people at the shows so then they can share with others, too.

  • NILMDTS~~An organization that has been very dear and near to my heart the past 18 months is Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This organization is made up of photographers who volunteer their time to go to the hospitals and work directly with the parents who have lost a babe. I am the Area Parent Coordinator for the SW MO area. You must go to their webpage to learn more to hopefully become involved with them and help spread the information to get more volunteer photographers. I will forewarn you, it will be an emotional journey that will touch your life forever. I was not able to benefit from their services as I didn't find out about them until after we lost our second son, Aaron, but I have been in contact with Cheryl, the lady who started it and her heart is gold. We had a meeting last night at the hospital and I found out there that one photographer has already got the paperwork started, jumped through all the 'hoops' and it would be implemented in one of our area hospitals today!! There are 2 other hospitals we will be meeting with to hopefully get them on board, too.

  • The Vision~~A friend of mine and his wife asked me to be a part of a Music Worship Group with them. We have been meeting at their house for the past 3 months working on songs that we can eventually take out share with the small town we live by. There is such a need to bring people in this town closer to a more personal relationship with our Lord and we're hoping to be able to be a step in that direction. Talk about some amazing, totally uh~maz~ing!, truly gifted music artists. We have a drummer who can't read music, he just hears it and knows it. Then there's our lead singer who is the high school band/choir teacher. Of course we have Ronnie and Kristi who are our spiritual warriors. And then there's me who can'ty make it through a practice without shedding a tear. I was raised in a very musical family so my emotions are lead by music. It is one of the most personal ways for me to share my expression of love for My God. We are hoping this can lead into a small group study time, which can eventually lead into a bigger group time which will add to our community being a stronger body of Christ.

  • Emotional Healing~~Finally, as you know because you are here, I try and keep up with my blog. I find that it is healing for me to share with others how I am feeling, what I've been up to, etc..... I realize there are people who don't care but honestly, I don't do it for others, I do it for me. (even if I am the only reader) Please feel comfortable to leave a comment on any and all posts. I would love to hear from you!

Sooooooooooo sorry about the long post, I just wanted to let you know that if I don't answer my phone at a particular time, it may be that I'm a little busy.............



Anonymous said...

I Love you.....Peg

Julie said...

Wow! You are REALLY busy - doing some cool things, too! As always, thanks for the support. I think that's wonderful you have been able to help out with NILMDTS in your area. Good for you!