Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kennedy and Friends Co.

Now that we are talking craft shows, I can't forget my new 'tutu' friend!

I found Miss Nathalie , better known as 'Kennedy & Friends Co.' on Etsy, 4 months ago and she has some BEAUTIFUL things! She lives in a town just 1.5 hours away from me. She sells her tutus for your little princess' in her Etsy shop and she does handmade dolls, too. I don't know that she sells the dolls or just makes them for friends and family. Either way, they are cute, cute, cute!!

And, it shouldn't surprise you that, we worked out a trade!

I have been needing something to fill out under the skirts that I make. I use a mannequin to take pictures for my auctions and the tutu helps the skirts poof out and look full. I thought one of her tutus would work's perfect!!

She saw a skirt in my Etsy shop and we agreed to trade.

Then, she also asked me to make a coordinating kimono style top. It turned out too cute!! I didn't take a picture of it (bummer!) before I sent it but she took one of the skirt. The top is still a little big on Miss Kennedy so I can't wait to see the complete set once she grows into it.

Miss Nathalie is a total sweetheart! Actually, I asked her back then if she would be interested in doing some shows with me, and she said yes! With us going on vacation for 2 weeks, her finishing up college classes, and her moving, we are still trying to find a time to get together. I know I will see her on Sept. 5/6 as we will be doing a show at the mall.
Miss Nathalie is nothing but a sweet, sweet friend. I am totally humbled to have such creative friends in my life!

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nathalie said...

you are soo awesome penny!!! your words mean a lot to me!!!!!!! thanks for such a beautiful post! i'm looking forward to our show. i hope i can sew fast enough :) i promise as soon as the top fits i will photograph it for you. hugs to you my friend!