Friday, August 8, 2008

'HE' never ceases to amaze me!!

He, being our Lord and Savior above!!!

Sooooooo, I have 2 open spots in my home daycare. I always try to watch teachers' kids so then I get the Summer off. Sooooooooo, I stop by the school and ask the secretary if she could put out a message to all the teachers letting them know about the 2 open spots. Our district turned over 10 certified positions, which is HUGE for our small school. This was my best chance, and quickest, of getting in contact with all the new staff.

I leave the school, stop by the Dari Cream (after just hearing that after 2 years of their soft-serve machine being broke-they'd been serving ice cream out of tubs from Sam's-that they finally fixed it so are back to serving soft-serve. You have to understand, I live in a town of 1000, this is the only joint in town that even sells 'eat now' ice cream. The convenience store and grocery store are the only 2 options of any chance of getting any ice cream period.) and head home. After being there for 15-20 minutes, I received a phone message from a new teacher, Miss Rachael. She lives in a surrounding town, has a 3 yr old and sounds delightful! We set up a time to meet, yesterday morning, and I can't believe what is about to take place...............

Her kids are gorgeous! Very well mannered, and then, as she gets ready to leave she asks, "Do you sew?"

"Yes," I said.

"Do you sell on ebay?"

"Yes," I said in amazement that she would even ask. There isn't anyone around here that I know of who does the 'boutique custom community' gig. Half of my friends don't even know that I do sew children's clothing, quilts, bibs, diaper bags/totes, and etc...... let alone sell them on ebay, etsy and at local craft shows and boutiques.

"SO DO I!" she says. She doesn't sew, but she makes hair bows. Her seller id is bowcrazybowtique. ADORABLE hair bows at that! She is in several selling groups on ebay, she sells on etsy, too, and said she will give me the name of a couple other online boutiques that she uses.


When I started selling 5 years ago, a friend and I did the craft show thing together with her making coordinating bows for my outfits. We had such a good time and I miss Jenner dearly, as she moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas. Sooooooooo, this is really cool to find another friend to possibly do some shows with.

Rachael is very good at her graphics and templates and html, etc...... that I mentioned that I'm sure we could do some trading of outfits for teaching me some of the techy things.

Later in the evening, after we shared our seller id's with each other, we were reading up on each other more. She read my About Me page and immediatley sent me a message.

Come to find out, she has suffered several miscarriages, childloss, and infertility, ...just as I have.

NOW THIS IS GOD AT WORK, lemme' tell ya'!

I am very excited about how we can become friends, learn from each other, teach each other, be there for each other and still be able to use our God Given creative talents to enjoy our lives.

...............and to Him I say, "THANK YOU!!"

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