Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Ball Stuff................

I ordered in some softball fabric (10 bucks a yard, OUCH!!!) the ONLY softball fabric that had all yellow balls. All the other fabrics had either all white balls or yellow and white balls, or all the sports combined, etc..... I loved the fabric so I made one purse/tote for myself. Well, it sold the first day I took it out. She was a mother on our ballteam and didn't care that I had just used it that one day.


The next week at practice I had 3 more orders.




And then, because I love her so much, I made one for Adi's coach/team sponsor from last year.

(Her daughter was on a different team than us, can you tell?

Let me tell ya', these are so fun to do. and eeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz! Now, easy doesn't mean quick, there is alot of time designing/creating the ribbons/laces/patched pieces, etc.... but they are addictive. I went ahead, after doing everyone else's, and did one for myself!

I just love that each one is so alike and yet so different!

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Amy said...

May I ask where you found this fabric? It's great, and I'm looking for some for a project and can't find it. Thanks for any help you can give!

amykpaul AT gmail DOT com