Monday, November 23, 2009

Well, STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc just called, my HCG numbers went down from Wednesday.

No baby this time! Just not meant to be, my God says! (and I'm ok with that, just again saddened!!)

Will keep trying!

As the song says, "I Will Rise!"

Thank you for your prayers! Keep 'em comin'!!!!

I'm re-secheduled for surgery December 10th.


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Anonymous said...

So sorry, Penny. Peg had posted last week, say a prayer for mamma and little peanut. I somehow knew it was you and the prayers started from that moment.

It is saddening news. When our last infertility treatment failed after Hunter....I was devastated. My Dr told me it was no different than a miscarriage due to the loss of what you thought was going to be there. The expectations and hopes you have are so overwhelming and the loss of not having that is just as great. You are in my heart at all times.

Love you!!