Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Butterfly Kisses.......Rainbow Skies

I was just reading on one of my favorite sites NILMDTS and read where one mother has butterflies as her 'sign' from her heavenly angel.

She says, "I know others may think I'm crazy but I know you all will not. I've shared that butterflies seem to find their way around me more often now that Ethan has passed. Maybe I never noticed them, who knows. I really believe a butterfly would have been one of Ethan's favorite things. When I walk outside my house this very large yellow and black monarch comes from nowhere and flies all around making it's precence known. I normally will walk over by it and say a little prayer. I get this feeling that the Lord is sending me kisses from Ethan. I have asked God many times for him to let the butterfly kiss me. That would give me such peace - knowing this butterfly is really a way for my Heavenly Angel to send his LOVE!! So today my friend and her family were over for lunch - we were standing out front and sure enough here comes the butterfly. Now my friend Jennifer knows all about this butterfly as I have shared with her many times how it always comes around. So we smiled at each other and got back to talking. A brief moment later the very large butterfly came over and landed on my cheek, scaring the mess out of me of course. I ducked and let out a girlish scream. Then I realized it was the butterfly. Jennifer said, Awww...Ethan wanted to give his Momma kisses!"

How beautiful is that? It just tears me up and makes me want to bawl. When Adam was born 6 years ago and we lost him after 10 hours, I received a card from one of Joe's cousins. It had the most beautiful poem that allowed me to adopt butterflies as my sign for Adam, too. (i know this is a terrible pic but it's one my sis took of an actual arrangement we received for Aaron and i wanted to use it anyway)

It didn't have a title but here goes:

Little one Little one where have you gone?
Your going has darkened the brightest dawn.
Why did you leave us, so soon, soon?
Where can we look for you? Over the moon?
On butterfly wings? In the heart of a rose?
Who knows, who knows, Where a little one goes?
Where I have gone, I am not so small.
My soul is as wide as the world is tall.
I have gone to answer the call, the call
Of the One who takes care of us all.
Wherever you look, You will find me there-
In the heart of a rose, in the heart of a prayer.
On butterflies' wings, on wings of my own,
To you, I'm gone, but I'm never alone-
I'm over the moon,
I'm home.
Jim Howard

Ever since, I notice butterflies in an instant. I always put a pretend one in flower arrangements, I have one hanging on my mirror in the bathroom, I found a butterfly glass windchime with bells on his 6 feet to hang at the memory place, etc...I just love to watch them flit and flutter with so much grace.

Then, with Aaron........we had been to the memory place the day after the service and the sky was lightly clouded and it began to sprinkle. I looked up to see the brightest most perfect, beautiful full rainbow and said to my kids, "Look, Aaron has sent us a rainbow to let us know that things are going to be allright." (choking back the tears) Not 10-15 seconds later, my husband says, "No, now look, Adam and Aaron are telling us that things are going to be allright," and there was a FULL DOUBLE RAINBOW clear across the southeast sky. So right then, I knew that Aaron's 'sign' was a rainbow. (this is the original rainbow but it is faded because we didn't have a camera at the exact time so we booked it home, 5 miles, before we could snap the picture)

I have seen at least 3 if not more full double rainbows in the past year. It's amazing to me! Here is the latest one that was taken out our back patio door late March.

Isn't God good!!

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